OPRF high school has to go, some said, and they had a plan! “Wannabe reformers” castigated. Dog dumplings for dinner. Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce. Masonic ritual from old, never-was Egypt . . . June of 96, a Blithe Spirit exclusive . . .


High school matters matter . . . How to spend a quarter-million . . . PONTOON at the barricades, others “In denial” . . . guerilla warfare . . .1996 in Dear Old Oak Park, home of the Doopers and Dorfers . . .


His daughter for a horse, Greek philosopher’s fascination with pseudo-Egyptian origins, dynamite teachers who abide no nonsense, Mailer’s white Negro?


School principal talks nonsense, Mrs. V. talks bureaucrat-ese, the Evanston High experience, the Hemingway lesson, the Lefkowitz book, Afrocentrism . . .


5/1/1996 Blithe Spirit revisited: Churchgoing, the handshake of peace, the Christian myth, Mary Lefkowitz taking on the Afrocentrists in advance of critical race theorizing . . .