Chicago archdiocese rules change, virus time, June of 2020 — calling in the oldies, no matter the dangers

From a Chicago pastor 14 months ago, after negotiating with downtown about qualifying people to help with parish opening for Mass:

Initially the Archdiocese said that no one could be a greeter, usher or cleaner who was 65 or older or who had any preexisting medical conditions. [Based on careful analyses by various health departments, we assume.]

This has now been changed so that we can now have greeters, ushers and cleaners who are 65 or older, even if they have preexisting medical conditions. [! Good enough reason, forget the careful analyses.]

However, everyone who is 65 or older and/or who has preexisting medical conditions needs to know that if they do volunteer, they face a more serious and greater health risk if they do develop the Covid-19 virus. [Oh! Let each decide if it’s worth it to keep the church open for masses.]

Beautiful. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Let those heroic seniors put their lives on the line!