Short history of a worshiper’s dealing with the post-Vatican 2 mass, in which complaints abounded

Food for thought 9/1/22, Paul explaining purgatory to his Corinthians

Blithe Spirit

Via Ronald Knox, 1 Cor 3.10-15:

With what grace God has bestowed on me, I have laid a foundation as a careful architect should; it is left for someone else to build upon it. Only, whoever builds on it must be careful how he builds.
The foundation which has been laid is the only one which anybody can lay; I mean Jesus Christ.
But on this foundation different men will build in gold, silver, precious stones, wood, grass, or straw,
and each man’s workmanship will be plainly seen. It is the day of the Lord that will disclose it, since that day is to reveal itself in fire, and fire will test the quality of each man’s workmanship.
He will receive a reward, if the building he has added on stands firm;
if it is burnt up, he will be the…

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