Longtime promoter of Traditional Latin Mass in Europe “throws in the towel,” calling it “a waste of time”

Denis Crouan, the French founder and president (since 1988 or so) of the organization Pro liturgia, which promotes “the Mass as Vatican II truly intended it”, with Latin, chant, ad orientem, etc.,sounds off:

Asking present-day clergy to respect the liturgy of the Church is a waste of time: with an obstinacy often coupled with a profound lack of culture, those who occupy the places from which they are supposed to teach, go before, and lead the faithful – at all levels in the Church, from the pope to the simple parish priest – seem to want to systematically sabotage divine worship in a way that remains completely incomprehensible.

The pope?

That Pope Bergoglio is more interested in Luther and Pachamama than in the doctrine and morals of the Church is his choice: a choice that everyone is entitled to consider regrettable and more than risky.

The rest of it is here.

Chicago’s premiere Latin Mass parish toes the line

Short and (bitter) sweet

In accordance with the policy of His Eminence Cardinal Blase Cupich and the implementation of the motu proprio of His Holiness Pope Francis Traditionis Custodes within the Archdiocese of Chicago, there will be changes to the schedule of Masses at St John Cantius Church.

The first-Sunday rule:

Beginning on January 25, 2022, on the first Sunday of each month, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be celebrated in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Missal, both in Latin and English.

Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Holy Week “unity” rule:

The Archdiocese also prescribes for us liturgical unity of prayer for Holy Mother Church’s major feasts of Christmas, Pentecost and Easter, including the Triduum.

The canons — priests, brothers, seminarians — will work harder than ever “to restore the sacred.”

The Canons Regular of St John Cantius are committed to serving the faithful within the Archdiocese of Chicago. We Canons will live more fully our charism, “the core of our apostolate”—our very purpose— to restore the sacred.

That’s it for now.



In a largely upbeat, reassuring pulpit message to the congregation, Fr. Joshua Caswell, the church’s pastor, specified continued “praying ad orientem” (facing same direction as the people) and celebration of the Mass in both Latin and English, while following the above-mentioned scheduling.

At mass it’s here’s lookin’ at YOU, Father . . .

. . . unless he’s turned around the looking same way you are looking, at God incarnate in the tabernacle, or up to God in heaven above in a tried and true symbolic gesture — He’s everywhere, we know — God being the most important person in the room.

But no, it’s the mass of the faithful kneeling, standing, sitting together under the same room in His house, the mass of gazing on Father at the altar and what he does, hearing his voice (as prescribed) almost constantly, requiring (demanding) our attention. It’s his time to shine, whether he or we like it or not.

And He? Gets a lot of lip service, He does. Priest keeps things moving right along. Few empty (of words) moments.

Not good, not good, not good . . .

Cardinal Cupich having fun with pagan ritual?

Gets a kick out of this.

The prelate offered a pagan blessing dotting paint onto the lion’s eyes, nose, mouth, ears and body while reciting the invocation:

“Good fortune upon your head, miraculous light glittering to your eyes, your ears capturing sounds from all directions. May the most favorable auspicious big fortune and great profit be to you throughout the whole year, from the beginning all the way to the end.”

He did versions of this ritual at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church in 2016 and more recently at Carmel Catholic High, in Mundelein.

Mass Cardinal Blase Cupich visited Carmel Catholic on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to preside over an all-school Mass celebrating the Lunar New Year, a prominent liturgical custom in certain Asian countries. This Mass of Thanksgiving highlighted the cultural importance of family, service, and gratitude — above all, gratitude to God for the blessings we have received.

Meanwhile, he has strict requirements, in minute detail, for Latin-mass sayers beginning later in January, described at length at this Church Militant page.