Priest: Attacks against Carmelites of Philadelphia are ‘part of greater war against contemplative religious’

Blithe Spirit

Make it part of an offensive against recognition of the supernatural?

Our commentator puts the case of the Carmel in Philadelphia in a larger context of the crisis in the Church which started with the Second Vatican Council, and he issues a sort of battle cry, calling Catholics to resistance.

Down with the sacred, up with the world we know and can do something about!

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The Man Who Could Not Pray, a believer and his journeys in the way of prayer

Blithe Spirit

Chapter One, The Man Goes to Church

Minister Friendly . . . The man dropped into church on Ash Wednesday for his annual reminder that he is dust and unto dust he will return only to be told by a feverishly smiling woman-with-ashes that God loves him, or something in that line. She did not tell him to have a nice day, he silently thanked her for that.

He believed God loves him and did not object to being reminded of it. But what about “Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return”? He believed also in resurrection, but what about death? It comes first, doesn’t it? Medieval monks kept a skull on the desk before them. As just such a reminder, he presumed.

This wasn’t the man’s first happy-face reminder on Ashes Day. Funeral masses had not involved black vestments for ages, giving way to white ones, which…

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