a minor friar blog: In Defense of the Novus Ordo Missae

This friar takes a closer look:

For the fortieth anniversary of the Novus Ordo Missae this past weekend I have read many stern evaluations of its legacy and reception in the blogosphere and even in the secular press. So I thought that perhaps it would be a good and healthy thing to make a post in its defense.

My apology for the modern Roman liturgy has two parts. First, I shall suggest some areas in which I think we need to discipline our speech and make sure we avoid unfair criticisms. Second, I will describe those elements of the Mass of Paul VI that are–to me–an improvement over the traditional form of Mass.


The elements he chooses are interesting, each a case of what has happened since 1969, when Novus Ordo was introduced. These are facing the people, use of vernacular, music at mass — what has gone wrong — and improvements which are far less obvious to pew-sitters. Thoughtful guy.

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