Hot title here from Fr. Rutler: Meditations from a man on whom his erudition hangs lightly . . .

Sample bon mot from chapter about what to do with your imagination.

Narcissus [a] moral idiot. He became enamored of his reflection in the water. He wanted to discover, in the jargon of our day, his “inner child.”

But anyone who wants to find his inner child without locating the source of life in God is condemned to a perpetual infancy, an arrested development of the soul. The autonomous self ignores the voice of the other, all others.

And so it was with Narcissus, for Echo called to him, bidding him to come and be her lover. Narcissus was so involved with himself that her voice fell, literally, on morally deaf ears. She dissolved into nothing but her voice, which is how we get the word “echo.” Narcissus ended up dissolving into a plant that is named for him.

Wit, gentle humor, pointed, memorable, from pages of this book:

Rutler, George W. . Grace and Truth: Twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization (Kindle Locations 377-382). EWTN Publishing, Inc. Kindle Edition.

Also in paperback, of course.