The Last Mass of Paul VI: An Autumn Night’s Dream

The Last Mass of Paul VI: An Autumn Night’s Dream

By Tito Casini, severe critic of post-Vatican 2 changes.

Dom Alcuin Reid:

In 1967, [Casini’s] “provocative tract” La tunica stracciata (“The Torn Tunic”), with a preface by a curial cardinal, virulently took to task the cardinal charged with implementing the reform, Giacomo Lercaro, for ‘a perverted application [of the council] detested alike by Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and unbelievers, in the name of piety, unity, concord, art, poetry and beauty.’

­Lercaro’s adept secretary, Fr. ­Annibale ­Bugnini, would describe Casini’s work as ‘defamatory . . . a poisonous attack on . . . and on . . . renewal generally.”

more more more on this key aspect of post-council changes . . .

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