Communion in the hand(s) no safer than on the tongue? Attending mass without communion may be your best choice.

Noodling an issue . . .

Blithe Spirit

From UK’s Latin Mass Society’s spokesman, analyzing the situation with admirable sang froid:

  In [“extraordinary form,” Latin mass] celebrations, Holy Communion . . . may not be distributed in the hand, according to the universal liturgical law applicable to them.

Should the spread of COVID-19 necessitate suspension of distribution of Holy Communion on the tongue, this would mean suspension of distribution of Holy Communion to the Faithful in these celebrations.

You might call it a rock-and-hard-place situation. However:

The Communion of the Faithful is in no way necessary to the validity or [legitimacy] (in such circumstances) of the Mass.

Should prudence dictate the necessity for such a step, the Faithful should be encouraged to make a ‘Spiritual Communion’. One form of words for making such a Spiritual Communion is given below.

Standard solution, as if (in pre-Vatican 2 days) you ate or drank before (morning) mass and could not…

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