Reasons for denial of entry to canonization lobby to G K Chesterton

Would you pray to G.K. Chesterton? (Heck, I’d pray to my father, who is closer to God than I am.)

Blithe Spirit

No “local cult,” said the bishop. But it used to be the opposite argument that held sway, says the learned Fr. Hunwicke — if there were a local cult, the cause would be suspect. He finds this objection puzzling.

“Nor do I find it easy to take seriously his second reason,” he continues, citing same:

“I have not been able to tease out a pattern of personal spirituality”.

GKC no paragon, worthy of imitation? Fr. H.:

The liturgical Calendar is already, arguably, overloaded with Bishops and Founders.

Each of whom had prominent, powerful lobbies to boost them.

To the nub of it:

The addition of a simple and married layperson who sought sanctity simply through the plain everyday means of grace offered by the Redeemer in His Church would seem to me a valuable affirmation of plain ‘mere’ Christian ‘spirituality’.

How true.

via Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment.

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