Forest Murmurs: So simple

Should have been posted first here . . .

Blithe Spirit

A picture, in this case a cartoon, being worth lots of words, let this simple message sink in if you will.


From an English pastor of a Novus Ordo parish. He tried to introduce the top one but had near-“riots” on his hand. Did so with school children, who did not complain. On to a new parish assignment, where he will be “treading carefully” in the matter.

Personally, I keep the head down. Even top-notch pastors look out at us worshipers. I think, here’s to you, everybody! Said genially. of course, but not always. I know I caught a bona fide glare from one fellow with whom I had tangled . . .

Later: Oh, I didn’t notice. He’s had a fervently appreciated EF (Latin) mass monthly, on a Sunday at 5 p.m. So he has found some market for it.

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