Protestant Communitarianism and Catholic Individualism

So well said:

I imagine a Protestant walking into many Catholic churches feels unwelcome. A Catholic walking into a Protestant church feels barraged. But there is more. I do not mean to criticize Catholics or Protestants here (I aim to describe general patterns).

I believe that the reason Catholics are not as social when they gather for Mass is that there is a sense of the sacred in church, and a sense that the right thing to do is to quietly pray.
There is surely no intention to make visitors feel unwelcome. [Emphasis

Similarly, Protestants are not trying to make visitors feel uncomfortable. Quite to the contrary, they are simply making clear that visitors are welcome.

I wonder, however, what impact this difference in the ritual has on the communitarian sense of Protestant congregations and without arguing against a sense of the sacred, I wonder whether the sense of the sacred works against community bonding in Catholic congregations.

Food for thought here.

Mark this for proposed 3rd part of this little book, “The Interior Life.”

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  1. Jim Bowman says:

    Reblogged this on Blithe Spirit and commented:

    Community-building or sense of the sacred? Can be the question, but I don’t think so.


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